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Welcome to the professional portfolio and blog of Brianna Patterson

Hi, I’m Brianna Patterson, a multimedia journalist, creative writer and communications professional in the DC Metro area.

I am pursuing a B.A. in Spanish and a self designed major in International and Cross Cultural Communications at the University of Maryland, College Park. My studies combine the skills of written and digital communication with cultural studies and media diversity.

I’m currently the Editorial Intern at ForHarriet.com.

My words on culture, news, music and more can all be found here on my portfolio. Here are some of the places I’ve published my work:

Huffington Post Politics

The Howard County Times/The Columbia Flier

The Diamondback, University of Maryland’s independent student newspaper


The Greenbelt News Review


The PublicAsian

Black Explosion

I am also a polyglot! I am fluent in Spanish and I have intermediate Portuguese proficiency. As an avid traveler, I have a strong passion for languages, culture, and international affairs. I hold a citation in International Studies from the College Park Scholars Program and I am well versed in Latin American Studies.

Check out my site to get to know more about my written and multimedia work! Be sure to follow me on Twitter or email me at BPatters[at]Terpmail[dot]UMD[dot]edu.




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